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Amélie Company

Social Media Director (Application)


I'm AËLÍN, or Eli if you prefer the simplicity. I'm a whimsical conjurer, fluttering between the realms of Content Strategy, Sound Artistry, and Multidisciplinary Creation.

In the enchanting cosmos of social media, I, as your content strategist extraordinaire, spin magic threads across diverse landscapes. My creative wand has graced the realms of Zinus, Nanoleaf, Spa Sciences, NOMATIC, and the aromatic trails of Azzaro and Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

As a Sound Artist, I have orchestrated sonic wonders for esteemed brands and institutions like Vera Wang, Victoria's Secret, New York Botanical Gardens, The Royal Ontario Museum, A&E Networks, and Sunsilk. My bespoke soundscapes have resonated through events such as Men's Fashion Week Asia, Canadian Music Week, The Asian TV Awards, and beyond, creating a symphony of unique experiences.

In the tapestry of my existence, I, a multiple minority, often feel like an alien peering into society from the outside. Hence, the cosmic identity AËLÍN was born—an ethereal fusion of my earthly name and extraterrestrial essence. My celestial mission is to orbit around fostering community, championing diversity, and promoting inclusion through the enchanting brushstrokes of all art forms.

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