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An immersive sonic experience crafted from within the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park to translate and communicate the history and magnificence of this one-of-a-kind otherworldly magical biosphere through sound in a contemporary musical context.


Using audio equipment and technology, naturally occurring sounds from within the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park can be recorded, synthesized and sequenced, thereby creating brand new instruments and sounds. These sounds along with other music samples and live instruments can be used to create and score never-before heard contemporary musical compositions. Having existed for millions of years, this magical biosphere provides a window to stories beyond our time. It’s landscape, botanical ecosystem and wildlife demonstrates a culture beyond the doctrines of modern constructs and it’s interconnectivity is a consciousness rooted in peace, one-ness and breath. A journey to create from this sacred space would be inspirational and transformative.


  1. The primary goal of this residency is to translate the otherworldly landscape of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park into an otherworldly contemporary soundscape. Through an exploration of the terrain in combination with select themes like fire, water, culture, myths, legends and legacy, the aim is to craft mellifluous musical compositions to be compiled as an EP. While each song is its own expedition, the entire EP will be meticulously woven together to form a seamless collection of songs with an overarching theme of majestic wonder. The objective is to share the island’s significance, beauty and character with present and future generations through sound.

  2. In addition to the EP, a live public performance of the music will be developed at a location best determined by the NPS and NPAF to offer visitors an immersive experience of this musical journey through the island’s landscapes.


  1. Leveraging the Artist's existing online presence of over 70,000 instagram followers and a growing global audience, the secondary focus is to document and share elements of the journey and creative process on social media. This outreach aims to educate, inspire and welcome others to the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park but also offer them a window into the artistic process.

  2. An aspirational goal is to connect with local musicians, performers and visual artists to explore potential collaborations for the live performance piece. This initiative seeks to enrich the project with local cultural and artistic influences and forging connections within the community. The extent of this collaboration will be contingent upon available resources and budget. 

Please note that since this project is pending and a living creation, guidance and insights from the NPS and NPAF will be greatly valued to ensure the project aligns with the program’s mission and cultural heritage. The details are modifiable because it is important for this project to maximize it’s value for all involved and honors the unique geological, biological and cultural landscapes of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

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One of the most unique factors about the musical creations will be that it incorporates sounds extracted from the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park itself. From the distinctive calls of the wildlife to the naturally occurring sounds from within its landscape; many of these sounds will be recorded and converted into instruments through technology to be used within the musical compositions. 


The compositions also endeavors to encapsulate the unique juxtaposition of fire and sea and seeks to translate indescribable feelings like love, awe, respect, preservation and the honoring of the island’s immense power through the universal language of music. In essence, it tells the story of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park through a unique and genre-less amalgamation of sound, inviting audiences to feel the energy of this extraordinary and landscape.


Eli Tee, is a Sound Artist and Content Strategist from New York City. Eli goes by the moniker AËLÍN (pronounced alien) and they specialize in creating otherworldly soundscapes. Eli has crafted enchanting sonic atmospheres for esteemed brands,  institutions and networks such as Vera Wang, Victoria's Secret, New York Botanical Gardens, The Royal Ontario Museum, A&E Networks and more. 


As a solo artist, they have performed at the Men's Fashion Week Asia, Canadian Music Week and The Asian TV Awards to name a few. They also created and conceptualized M.A.D Installations, a multi disciplinary convergence of music, art and dance in the form of live performance installations. These installations are crafted around specific themes for bespoke events and installations have debuted at New York Botanical Gardens and The Rockefeller University. 


As a content strategist for social media, they have created content for Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Zinus, Nanoleaf, Spa Sciences, NOMATIC and Azzaro Fragrances. Recognized by Her World Magazine, Female Magazine, CLEO Magazine, and numerous New York publications, Eli was named as one of Deli Magazine's top 40 Alt-Soul Artists hailing from the heart of New York City.


Although a city-dweller their entire life, Eli is an artist whose soul thrives in the embrace of nature’s beauty and cosmic wonder. They have a deep desire to explore alien landscapes, disconnect from the urban grid, and immerse themselves in the great outdoors. They have always felt a reverence for nature’s awe-inspiring, humbling and healing presence. Eli carries a deep belief in the profound forces of nature and the cosmos, recognizing their ability to inspire reflection and inner re-centering. Forever feeling like an outsider looking in, these perspectives led to their adoption of the moniker AËLÍN, which is an amalgamation of their name and the word alien. 


AËLÍN’s artistic mission is to share this unique vantage point, holding up a mirror to society through their craft in hopes that it resonates with the wandering intergalactic soul within us all. Through the medium of sound, AËLÍN seeks to transmute energy and unite hearts through a sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

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