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Eli, a versatile Creative Director and Sound Artist, thrives on creativity and collaboration, embracing both he and they pronouns. With an illustrious career, Eli has crafted enchanting soundscapes for esteemed brands such as Vera Wang, Victoria's Secret, New York Botanical Gardens, The Royal Ontario Museum, A&E Networks, Sunsilk, and more. Their passion lies in nurturing artists to explore and unveil their unique sonic identities. Eli is currently immersed in the development of MAD installations, a visionary project encompassing music, art, and dance, uniting diverse artists and performers from all walks of life. In the realm of content creation, they have lent their talent to Zinus, Nanoleaf, Spa Sciences, and Ralph Lauren Fragrances. Eli's global reach extends to captivating performances at events like Men's Fashion Week Asia, Canadian Music Week, The Asian TV Awards, and beyond. Recognized by Her World Magazine, Female Magazine, CLEO Magazine, and numerous New York publications, Eli has solidified their position as one of Deli Magazine's top 40 Alt-Soul Artists hailing from the heart of New York City.

Eli Tyler - Press Pic 11.jpg
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