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AËLÍN aka Eli is an intergalactic extra terrestrial from outer space that travels between dimensions to transmute energy into sonic atmospheres. Their superpowers include, audio architecture, somatic rhythmic resonance and melodic spell casting. In this realm, AËLÍN has crafted phonic vibrations for Vera Wang, Victoria’s Secret, The Royal Ontario Museum, Men’s Fashion Week (Asia), The New York Botanical Gardens and The Asian Television Awards. Their modular spaceship is a one-of-a-kind digital-analog production hybrid that oscillates on frequencies that conjure up empyrean-high waves for your mellifluous surfing pleasure.

Digital Pulse of Analog Soul

In the vast landscape of Alternative-Soul, AËLÍN's music stands out, resonating with an earthy and soulful cadence, adorned with the futuristic allure of cutting-edge production. With a one-of-a-kind modular setup meticulously crafted by the artist, the sonic experience is a delicate dance between the organic and the cosmic, inviting listeners into a realm where emotions flow freely like stardust. 


AËLÍN's compositions delve into the quest for meaning within human connections, weaving a narrative that transcends the limitations of language. The music speaks to the soul, exploring profound concepts that words alone struggle to convey, all while maintaining a twinkle of fantasy and cosmic wonder.


Beyond the melodies, AËLÍN is a passionate advocate for the outcasts, the oddballs, lending a powerful voice to minority perspectives in the AAPI and LGBTQ+ communities. Through the universal language of music, AËLÍN seeks to create a space where all are heard, understood, and celebrated.

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Harmony of Cosmic Contradictions:

The Birth of AËLÍN

In the cosmic theater of life, Eli's journey from the bustling streets of Singapore to the vast landscapes of Canada was like the opening chords of an otherworldly symphony. A perpetual outsider, Eli felt the rhythms of belonging slip through their fingers, like notes escaping an imperfect melody. Yet, it was within the struggle to find their place in a world of cultural dissonance that the artist AËLÍN was born.


Settling into the diverse heartbeat of New York City a decade ago, Eli continued to dance on the fringes of societal norms. An ethnic minority, an immigrant navigating the labyrinth of identity, Eli's initials ironically spelled out "ET." As if the universe itself were orchestrating a grand joke, Eli decided to embrace the cosmic twist of fate. AËLÍN emerged, a moniker that seamlessly wove together Eli's name, immigrant status, and the extraterrestrial alien lurking in the subtext.


AËLÍN, by design, defied categorization. The music they crafted echoed this sentiment — a genre-bending journey that refused to be confined within the rigid walls of tradition. It wasn't just about creating a new sound; it was about creating a space where sound became an ethereal entity, free from the shackles of conformity.


In a world obsessed with checkboxes and stereotypes, AËLÍN became an epitome of diversity — a living, breathing testament to the beauty of embracing the unconventional. Through their art, they painted a vibrant mural that celebrated the mosaic of identities and experiences that define the human spirit.


To be AËLÍN meant to be both an outsider and a universal force, a contradiction that defied the limits of definition. In the words of a wise philosopher, "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Perhaps, in the realm of AËLÍN, wisdom lay in surrendering to the unknown, letting the music and the art shape the narrative, transcending the need for societal validation.


As AËLÍN continued to evolve and redefine the boundaries of creativity, they left behind a cosmic trail of sonic stardust — a reminder that in the vastness of diversity, true art emerges when we dare to be authentically, unapologetically, and beautifully ourselves.

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